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Cool Graphic Scales – Sliders in SurveyPro

Sliders can add graphic interest – making your survey more attractive and fun for respondents, and increase precision of answers – giving you better data to work with. This is the first installment of four tutorials on how to use the JQuery Library to enhance your SurveyPro survey with custom scales.


Sliders are an easy graphic way for someone to evaluate an item. It allows your respondents a more “fluid” feel in answering survey questions. For example:

How much do you like ice cream?

a) I Really Like It!
b) It’s Ok
c) No opinion whatsoever
d) I don’t like it
e) I REALLY Don’t Like It

If your respondent likes ice cream more than “Ok” and less than “Really!” they’re stuck between two rigid choices. They might end up choosing an answer that does not accurately describe their feelings, or decide to not answer the question at all. If we implemented a Slider for this question, the respondent would be able to slide their cursor right in between Option A and B, providing us with a more honest response to the question, and subsequently more accurate data.

Also, let’s don’t forget that sliders are fun. Never underestimate the value of a more “interactive” method of data collection for keeping respondents engaged. To see the full tutorial on how to implement Sliders into your survey see the Knowledgbase article here.

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