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Web + Paper Surveys = 70% Response Rate for SurveyPro User

Postal Solutions in Belgium needed survey software for a large scale survey across 150 countries.  They found what we’ve long told our customers – when you add web options to a paper survey, you maximize your response rates.  http://apian.com/about/casestudies/postal.php

If you’re already doing surveys on the web, you know how effective it is. http://apian.com/software/surveypro/web.php  But what if you serve a population that doesn’t always have ready access to computers?  A lot of organizations think that because some of their respondents can only use paper, they need to “least common denominator” their survey and only deploy on paper.  This just isn’t true!

You can easily combine both media.  SurveyPro can do the analysis together, combining their data into integrated reports.  Just copy your paper survey, format for the web, and add a sentence at the top of your paper surveys:

“To take this survey on the web, please visit www…” 

Postal Solutions offered both media to their respondents, and got a 70% response rate.  Now if that’s not a solid endorsement…

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