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Using Previous SurveyPro Files as Templates for New Projects

Do you have a favorite SurveyPro project that you keep going back to, time after time, reusing and repurposing it for other projects?  Do you take last year’s project and use it as a base for this year’s project?

Reusing SurveyPro project files can be a time and cost effective way to create and publish a survey in a short amount of time.  Keeping the questionnaire editing to a minimum, you can quickly publish your survey and move on to other important business matters.  We have some “best practices” to suggest for keeping your SurveyPro project files uncluttered and lean.  Reducing the time that SurveyPro requires to generate reports and keeping the Executive Summary and Data Table Reports from showing empty report figures are just some of the benefits that a little light ‘housekeeping’ will bring.

The SurveyPro Knowledgebase article “Using Previous SurveyPro Files as Templates for New Projects” discusses how to keep your SurveyPro database lean and uncluttered with the debris accumulated over years of questionnaire modifications.

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