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Converting SurveyPro 3.0 or 4.0 projects to SurveyPro 5.0

Here in the support department we have been getting a number of calls and EMails as many of you are transitioning to the newly released SurveyPro 5.0.  The question most frequently asked relates to using SurveyPro 5.0 with projects originally created with SurveyPro 3.0 or 4.0.  Rest assured, the update process is quite painless and even leaves your original project file unaltered.

You can convert any files to 5.0, except for files associated with live web surveys.  If you have a live web survey collecting data, please make sure not to make any changes to the SurveyPro file until the web survey is closed and all data is downloaded. Then you can convert the file to the latest release.

Simply use the ‘File Open’ dialog to navigate to the sub-directory which houses your project files.  As in the illustration below, you would then use the ‘Files of Type’ pull-down menu to select SurveyPro 4.0 (.SP4) or SurveyPro 3.0 (.SP3) from the available choices.  Once you have indicated the desired file you will get a dialog asking to confirm saving as a SurveyPro 5.0 project.  Click OK to confirm the process and convert the file.

Your original project file remains unaltered and can be safely archived.

Files of Type Dialog Window

Files of Type Dialog Window

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