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I Make Decisions Every Day – Why Do I Need Software For It?

Sure, we all make decisions every day – most of them great choices!  But some decisions lend themselves to a bit more structure.  Either we use decision software to organize the decision and crunch a lot of data, or we might need it for documenting what we’ve decided.

For help with organizing, DecisionPad decision support software breaks the decision process down into 5 easy steps.  http://apian.com/landing/decision-process.php  It’s easy to list all your options, decide how to evaluate them, and then input information about each of your choices.  DecisionPad does all the crunching to save you having to do any calculations.  Best of all, DecisionPad eliminates unconscious bias.

I mean, I don’t know about you, but when a sales person makes a really great presentation and keeps me laughing, I can be persuaded by that!  Using DecisionPad lets me focus on the objective information and make sure I’m making my decision based on what’s most important to me.  Check out our 5 easy steps:  http://apian.com/landing/decision-process.php.

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