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I Make Decisions Every Day – But Getting My Org On Board is a Nightmare

Our President, Bill Ray, used to work at a couple of Very Large and Important Technology Firms (who shall remain nameless when we’re discussing their political downsides).  He recalls his middle management days, full of endless meetings and few steps forward.  It’s so easy to get stuck in “analysis paralysis,” endlessly discussing points that may not matter to the final decision.

DecisionPad lets you tightly focus discussion on only the elements that matter.

DecisionPad Impact Arrows

DecisionPad Impact Arrows

Each arrow shows an item that affects the final outcome.  A fat arrow means it matters a lot.  A skinny arrow means it matters a little.  No arrow = a way to get people to MOVE ON!  If the item isn’t impacting the final rankings, there’s really no need to keep debating whether the process quality controls are good or excellent.

Learn More about DecisionPad:  http://apian.com/landing/groups.php

One Response to “I Make Decisions Every Day – But Getting My Org On Board is a Nightmare”

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